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Starches and modified starches

Starches are used for the purpose of food texturizing, thickening and gelling in a wide range of food applications as soups, sauces, convenience food preparations, confectionery, bakery, dairy, meat processing, …

Native Starches

Obtained from sources like maize, wheat and potato, native starches are generally used for texturizing, stability and thickening. We offer a complete line of native starches, , for meat, confectionery, convenience, dairy products and bakery industries.

E1412 distarch phosphate

E1422 acetylated distarch adipate

E1442 Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate

Modern food processing demands special starches which provide exclusive characteristics like body, texture and (acid) stability. Therefore native starches are modified enzymatically, physically or chemically. We offer a complete range of modified starches, cook-up and pregelatinized, obtained from various sources and adapted to the needs of the latest and harshest food processes.