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E-number free food ingredients for various applications


Flavour enhancer for application mainly in dairy and bakery industries.

Bread-Crumbs & Rusk

Coating material for potato and meat industry, filler for meatballs


Classical sweetener for many applications and from several sources (sugar beet, cane, …). Available in different granulometries and colours


Dextrose Monohydrate is used as a sweetener, an humectants or a carrier in a large scope of applications such as confectionery, bakery, snacks, beverages and dairy products


Used in prepared foods as filler in dry savoury and dairy dry blends, in infant formulas and applications where carbohydrates have to increased without influence on taste


Crystalline Fructose is used as a sweetener in canned fruit, fruit preserves, bread, cakes, creams, marmalade and chocolate. Fructose is about 20 percent sweeter than sugar


Maltodextrins are hydrolysis products of starch and used as bulking materials in many applications

Spray Dried Glucose Syrup

Spray dried glucose syrups are maltodextrins with a DE of >21 and contain a considerable amount of glucose. Used as filling materials with a sweet taste

Tapioca Starch (native)

A special starch, frequently used in dairy applications or where a smooth texture and a bland taste are desired

Rice Flour

Rice is hypoallergenic, stabilizing, thickening , binding and has good binding properties

Rice Starch (native)

Rice starch is 100% natural, easily digestive, gluten-free. Gelling and fat mimetic

Rice Flakes

Partially precooked and flattened rice kernels, used in food applications like muesli.

Pea Starch (native)

Pea starch is 100% natural, non-allergenic and has good gelling capacities

Pea Fiber

Pea fiber has a good water binding capacity and is ideal for fiber enriched foods

Pea Protein

Pea protein is a good natural emulsifier

Texturized Soy Proteins

textured products manufactured by extruding soybean flour. The textured products in the form of chunks, minced and small minced are used as meat replacers

Soy Flour

Increases nutritional value in baking products and gives a nicer crust colour, reduces crumbling and prolongs the freshness, reduces the use of eggs and fat

Soy Concentrate

Contains 70% of proteins, used in meat industry to increase protein content, in biscuits to increase nutritive value and in sports and dietetic products as protein source

Soy Isolate

Contains 90 to 95 % of proteins and nearly carbohydrate and fat-free. Used in dairy-type beverage products liquid nutritional meals, power bars, soups and sauces, breads and baked goods and in many weight and muscle gain products

Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten displays visco-elastic properties, forming a network while kneading. Vital wheat gluten is used for protein standardization of flour and as a texturiser.


Rock salt for dry applications and vacuum salt when salt has to be combined quickly with fluids are available for soups, sauces, cheese, bakery and meat products, for canned food and ready-made meals.

Milk powders

Milk powders with different amount of fat and proteins are available for many applications (ice-cream, chocolate, biscuits, sauces, yoghurt, desserts, …)

Sweet Whey powder

Derived from cheese production and a source of carbohydrates with good emulsifying capacity and a milky, slightly sweet taste for many applications

Instant Pudding powder

Easy to use (only adding water and mixing) pudding powder for bakery and filling applications

Fat powder (80% Palm)

Fat powder with good emulsifying and free flowing properties for bakery, biscuits, icecream and filling products. Also fat component for soups and sauces

Coated salt & acids

Salt and acids with a protective layer of fat, melting at a specific temperature for hydrophobic coating in confectionery and controlled release in meat and baking industry


Used as supplement to improve mental and physical alertness and as additive in food production (energy bars) and soft drinks and energy drinks.


Nutritional supplement in food such as dairy products (infant formulas) and energy or sports drinks. Available with and without anti-caking agent


Amino acid, used in flavor industry and nutritional drinks, also available from non-animal source (fermentation)


Creatine is most commonly used as food supplement for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass in sports drinks and formulas for older adults


L-Carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. Used in may supplement formulas


Glutamine is important for providing "fuel" (nitrogen and carbon) to the body and is needed to make other amino acids and glucose in the body


Branched Chain Amino Acids stimulate the building of protein in muscle and possibly reduce muscle breakdown and are therfore an essential component of energy drinks

Vitamins B1, B2, C, ...

BROES INGREDIENTS follows the developments on the vitamin market very closely andcould be an interesting partner for your vitamin supply

Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins

HVP’s impart abase bouillon flavor to your savoury products (soups, sauces, blends for meat products, ...). Maize/rapeseed based, they are subject to the allergen declaration 

Smoke Flavours

Intense smoke and grill flavours for savoury applications, based on beech wood. Profilesavailable from very subtle to very intense smoke flavour(charcoal)


Liquid and powdered vegetal extract, providing colour shades from yellow to orange with excellent pH, heat and light stability. Available in several concentrations.

Paprika Oleoresin

Extract from red pepper, giving the typical red to orange colour. Available as liquid with different strengths (100.000–40.000 CU) and as spray-dried powder

Tumeric (curcuma) Oleoresin

Extract of turmeric plant with yellow colour, available as powder 10% or as liquid (oil or water soluble)

Carmine (E120)

Liquid and powdered colorant providing colour shades from orange to red and good stability against lower pH, heat and light. Available in several concentrations

Burnt Sugar Caramel (E150)

Caramel is manufactured by heating carbohydrates and has excellent light,pH and heatstability.Used in many applications such as sauces,ice-cream, bakery and beverages.