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Acidity regulators and Acidulants

Acidity regulators are used for controlling (lowering) the pH of foods for microbiological stability, to decrease the activity of enzymes or to avoid discoloration. Acidulants, also called food acids, confer a sour or acid taste to products.

E260 Acetic Acid

E261 Potassium Acetate

E262 Sodium Acetate

Acetic acid and acetates are used as preservatives. In mayonnaise they inactivate growth of Salmonella and are used as flavour component Optimum activity is at low pH. Acetates can also be used as buffer systems in acidic foods.

E270 Lactic Acid

E325 Sodium Lactate

E326 Potassium Lactate

E327 Calcium Lactate

Lactic acid and lactates are used as preservatives and are very effective against a wide range of microorganisms. Lactic acid has a mild, long-lasting taste and increases flavor intensity. Calcium lactate is used to stabilize firmness during production of fresh or canned fruits and vegetables without impact on taste and prevents discolouration.

E296 Malic Acid

Used as acidulant, flavour compound and colour stabilizer in apple- and grape juice and many confectionery applications

E297 Fumaric Acid

Used as acid (taste) and structure stabilizer in a large range of products. Also used as leavening acid in baking powder.

E330 Citric Acid

E331 Sodium Citrates

E332 Potassium Citrates

E333 Calcium Citrates

Citric acid enhances the activity of many antioxidants, It is used as an acidity regulator as well as flavouring compound. It increases gel strength in marmalades and decreases enzymatic browning in fruits and fruit products. Potassium citrate is used as a buffer, to bind metal ions and as a nutrient source for yeasts. E332 (ii) is also used as antacid (against stomach acid). Calcium citrate is used as a buffer, to bind metal ions and to improve the texture of canned vegetables

E334 Tartaric Acid

E336 Potassium Tartrate

The acid is a acidulant in confectionery, soft drinks, wine and marmalade. Potassium tartrate (cream of tartar) is used as an emulsifier and a leavening agent for dough

E338 Phosphoric Acid

E341 Calcium Phosphates

Acidulant for mainly drinks, meat and cheese. Calcium phosphate is an acidity regulator, used in baking powder, binds metal ions, increases the activity of anti-oxidants and stabilises the texture of canned vegetables. E341(ii) is used as polishing material in toothpaste. E341(iii) is applied in powders to avoid formation of lumps.