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Acidity controllers and Leavening agents

Acidity controllers are products whichregulate the acidity of food products by chemical reaction or by forming a buffer system.Leavening agents liberate CO2to impart an airy structure to bakery products.


Metal scavenger, stabiliser, also used after heavy metal intoxication to remove metals from the body

E500 Sodium (bi) Carbonate 

E501 Potassium Carbonate

E503 Ammonium Carbonate 


Acidity regulators, alkalizers and rising agent for dough

E509 Calcium Chloride

Acidity regulator, enhances firmness in fruits and vegetables, binds metals and softens flavours.

E510 Ammonium Chloride

Acidity regulator, flavour and nutrient for yeast in yeast-fermented products such as bread. Used in liquorice gums (confectionery).

E516 Calcium Sulphate

Stabiliser, metal binding agent, nutrient for yeast in bread

E575 Gluco Delta Lactone

Sequestrant (binds metals) and buffer in many products. Also used in processing equipment to avoid precipitation of calcium and magnesium

E576 Sodium Gluconate

Sequestrant (binds metals) in many products. Also used as nutrient for yeast.