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Emulsifiers and Stabilisers

Emulsifiers facilitate the mixing of two immiscible liquids, like water and oil, which is necessary to produce mayonnaises andsauces.Stabilizersincrease the viscosity of solutions to prevent the remixing of these emulsions, or form a network to stabilizehigh water-containing food products.

E322 Lecithin

Emulsifier and stabiliser of water-oil/fat mixtures. Soya-based and mainly for chocolate.

E406 Agar Agar

Thickening agent and stabiliser

E407 Carrageenan

Thickening agent and stabiliser (available in iota, kappa and lambda type) 

E410 Locust bean Gum

Thickening agent and stabiliser

E412 Guar Gum

Thickening agent and stabiliser forsauces,candy, bread

E414 Gum Arabic

Thickening agent and stabiliser forsauces,candy, spiritsand many other applications

E415 Xanthan Gum 

Thickening agent and stabiliser sauces, forms a strong network

E420 Sorbitol

Stabiliser, low-calorie sweetener,bulking agentforbakery and confectionery products

E422 Glycerine 

Low-calorie sweetener,humectants for bakery and confectionery products

E441 Gelatine (Pig skin, Bovine) 

Thickening and gelling agentfor confectionery, sauces and bakery creams

E460 Cellulose

E461 Methyl Cellulose

Many different uses, mainly as thickening agent, but also as filler, and anti-caking agent.